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Lesson 5

Planning Website Design Conclusion

This module reviewed the website planning modules used when planning a website design.
In addition, it reviewed the models that were introduced in the first course of this series, Web Site Planning Models.
You will see both models applied throughout this course, as a way of making the complex concepts of Web development concrete.
In addition, it is the intention of the web team to put a human face on the web development process by creating a user interface that enables the visitor to maximize engagement.

The basic commerce model: sales and profits

The simplest website business model is based on making sales and profits. A classic ecommerce website like Amazon or sells products, takes orders, charges credit cards, and ships goods. Software and some information sites have the advantage of being able to deliver what they sell online, at the time of the transaction.
These sites normally offer their target customers the benefit of ease of use and selection. set the standard for commerce sites by offering a huge selection and a wealth of additional information on the products it sells.
Planning a Web design will be discussed in the next module, which introduces signs and metaphors, the top layer of the Web Interaction Model.